offers a wide variety of nature trails and hikes, varying from easy to aggressive. Download the Rowe trail map here.

This trail is easier, takes you to a southerly view of Berkshire East ski mountain, and you could swim in the lake afterwards.

Drive back down to the beginning of Middletown Hill Road at the bottom of the first steep hill. Go left, almost doubling back behind you. This is Pond Street. Follow Pond Street about 1 mile to the entrance to Pelham Lake Park. Bring the keys from Rooms 1 & 2 as these are your guest passes into the park. Park at the beach. Walk past the basket ball court to pick up the beginning of the trails. Follow the map and trail signs up Adams Mountain.

Another nice hike is the Lakeview Trail that goes just around the lake. At the far side of the lake you can pick up the Pelham Brook trail along the brook that comes out of the lake. At the end of Pelham Brook trail, take a left onto Williams trail and follow it back along the lake, a little higher up. Then take Pelham Beach trail back to the beach.

Negus Overlook is Rebecca's favorite view. It is where she takes herself to meditate. The hike is challenging, but the view makes it well worth the effort.

Head back down Zoar Road towards Route 2. When you get to the fork in the road at the big brown house, bear right. ( left takes you out to Rte. 2) You will immediately go under the railroad tracks. Proceed on River Road about 1/2 mile to the picnic area on the left. Park here. Port- a johns are here too. Cross the road and walk along the right of the river on the short tar road to the bar at the end. Go around the bar and cross the railroad tracks. The Negus Overlook trail starts there directly in front of you into the woods and shortly straight up Negus Mountain.

This is a gorgeous woodsy trail that follows along the Dunbar Brook. The brook has all kinds of little pools you can catch trout in or swim in. It is a nice gradual climb to a lean-to cabin. Not stressful at all.

Go back down Zoar Road towards Rte. 2. At the fork in the road at the big brown house, bear right under the railroad onto River Road. Follow River Road about 5 or 6 miles. It will turn to dirt after about 4 miles. Continue about another mile and the Dunbar Picnic area and bathrooms will be on your right and the trail starts on the left of the road. The trail head is marked. There are two trails that lead from the parking lot. Take the trail to the left that starts out going up a bit at first and then heads into the woods along the brook.

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